HIVE Impostor Alert

12 Sep 2021
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Beware HIVE Impersonators

HIVE has been made aware of a number of imposter groups pretending to be HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (“HIVE”). Some groups appear to be involved in programs to defraud individuals.

We have been contacted by a number of people who have been affected by this activity. Some have apparently lost the funds they “invested” with these unknown parties.

To help people avoid these types of operations, in this article we will address this issue and outline our response.

Multiple HIVE Impersonators

There are a number of these sites which are impersonating HIVE. We are not going to link to these sites, and do not recommend attempting to find them. These appear to be fairly sophisticated operations. They are using our executive’s bios and pictures, in addition to our contact information.

Some of the impostors’ sites advertise “Advanced Trade” and say, “This company practice advanced trading and return good profit to members”. HIVE does not offer financial services.

Some of these impersonator groups appear to promise large returns on investment and are not legitimate. Other impostors are promoting investment through an app. We are not associated with any of these activities.

We Only Mine Cryptocurrency

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. is a cryptocurrency miner and data center operator. We do not offer trading or investment management services.

Our corporate website is Anyone else claiming to be us is a bad actor. The unknown parties operating these programs have their own web domains which are similar to ours.

Our official social media accounts are:

Our Response

We have also reported the imposter sites to Google Safe Browsing, which works to combat harmful websites.

These types of websites are somewhat common in the cryptocurrency space. They mostly operate overseas and are therefore difficult to investigate. However, we will do what we can to prevent these operations from succeeding.

If you see any sites or social media accounts impersonating HIVE, please contact us at, and report them to the platform.